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Jan. 18, 2023

MYM 78: | Networking 101 : How to Build Connections with Your Ideal Audience

Welcome to Make Your Mark Podcast episode 78! Join Kay Suthar and Casey Eberhart as they discuss the importance of networking and how to use it to create meaningful connections with the right people. They go over how to set goals for success, identify the right people to network with, and how to create conversations that add value. They also discuss ways to maintain relationships, measure progress, and the importance of follow up. Tune in now and learn how to build lasting relationships and make your mark in your industry!


Here's a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

·         The necessity of providing a secure and confidential atmosphere.

·         The most frequent errors people make when networking.

·         The difficulty of networking with people who will never be able to employ you.

·         How to reach your audience with your message

·         And so much more!



About Casey Eberhart:


Casey is a Small Business Growth Investor, Profit Maximization Services, and Consulting: Lead Generation, Lead Conversion, and Operational Optimization. He is known as "The Ideal Networker" and has made it his mission over the years to collect and connect: he manages relationships. He connects people so they can do business together. His Mastermind program, called 'The Platinum Inner Circle,' creates tremendous results for companies that participate and follow his guidance. With members in numerous verticals and locations, the Inner Circle provides one of the most diverse Results-Driven programs available anywhere in the world. 


Casey has been turning heads in the training industry. His formulas are simple and easy to learn. As an entrepreneur & investor for most of his life, Casey has a particular affinity for saving businesses time and making them more profitable. His training programs employ easy-to-follow steps to help you reach your true "AWESOMENESS" – whatever industry you're in.


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