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Aug. 24, 2022

USP 057: | Guest Podcasting : Getting Started and the Power of Media Kit

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#057 – Landing your first podcast guesting can take a lot, especially when you're not updated on how successful guests do it. Kay Suthar wasn't one of those in the beginning, but after doing trial and error, she learned the trick that does it—media kits. 

If you stay tuned, she'll also announce a 90-minute workshop that you shouldn't miss on how to craft your media kit.

Here, Kay talks about what's worse than getting rejected as a guest, how she booked a hundred podcast guesting in three months, and why media kits are the best for both the guest and the host.


·         What it was like for Kay Suthar in her early days in podcast guesting

·         Within 2-3 months, Kay managed to get booked on 100 podcast episodes

·         What are media kits?

·         The benefits of using a media kit

·         What to expect in Kay's upcoming media kit workshop   

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Kay SutharProfile Photo

Kay Suthar

Host of Make Your Mark Podcast & CEO of Make Your Mark (Podcast) Agency

Kay Suthar, is the CEO of Make Your Mark Podcast Agency and the Host of Make Your Mark Podcast. When live events got shut down during the pandemic, Sales Expert, Kay Suthar, started seeking out guest interviews on existing podcast shows. After countless rejections, she crafted an approach that landed her 100 interviews in 60 days. Exposure on podcast shows continues to feed her business.

By diving into the deep end of the podcasting world, Kay began to see trends that astounded her. Many podcasters didn’t know how to get booked on other podcast shows with relevant target audiences. Some podcasters were getting bogged down and overwhelmed by the amount of production and promotion work they needed to do to increase their visibility. Strikingly, many didn’t know how to craft an irresistible Call To Action, or any type of Call To Action at the end of their interview, therefore leaving BIG money on the table.