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Make Your Mark Podcast

Make Your Mark Podcast

So the big question is did some of the world's top entrepreneurs build, grow and monetize their businesses whilst standing out from their competitors? Well, Kay Suthar is your person, she will be interviewing the world's most successful entrepreneurs to find out what they did to build their own community of raving fans. On this podcast, we will uncover the secrets that these entrepreneurs used to grow their following, build a massive email list, and continued to scale to become experts in their industries.

This podcast will be packed full of shockers that will have your jaw drop to the floor. If you don’t like straight-talking… Then this isn’t the podcast for you!

Recent Episodes

MYM 70: | Entrepreneurial Mindset : The Importance of Personal Development and Networking

Nov. 23, 2022

Welcome to Make Your Mark Podcast episode 70! Join Kay Suthar and Tom Maze as they talk about his entrepreneurial journey. He continues to learn and develop his thinking as he expands his businesses, drawing on his experienc…

MYM 69: | Growth Mindset and Happiness : How to Cultivate Both

Nov. 16, 2022

Welcome to Make Your Mark Podcast episode 69! Join Kay Suthar and Kevin Kepple as they discuss his path to happiness. In this episode, Kevin shares how he shifted from having a fixed mindset to cultivating a growth mindset. …

Guest: Kevin Kepple

MYM 68: | Using Websites to Market, Automate and Scale Businesses

Nov. 9, 2022

Welcome to Make Your Mark Podcast episode 68! Join Kay Suthar and Divian Mistry as they talk about how he helps entrepreneurs automate their marketing and businesses around their websites. In this episode, Divi offers the ad…

Guest: Divian Mistry

USP 67: | Big News : Podcast Rebranding and Much More!

Nov. 2, 2022

Welcome to Uncensored Society Podcast episode 67! Join Kay Suthar as she shares some exciting news about bouncing back even more powerful with a brand-new show called Make Your Mark podcast. Many of Kay's audience has expres…

Guest: Kay Suthar

USP 66: | Helping Professionals Declutter Mental and Physical Barriers

Oct. 26, 2022

Welcome to Uncensored Society Podcast episode 66! Join Kay Suthar and Kitti Andrews as they talk about helping professionals declutter their minds and physical barriers. Procrastination is a problem that affects everyone. Cl…

Guest: Kitti Andrews

USP 65: | Unleashing the Financial Potential of Businesses with the STILL Method

Oct. 19, 2022

Join Kay Suthar and Brandon Neely as they chat about how he helps his clients to grow their businesses and future concerning financial services. Brandon also shares his financial wisdom through the "STILL Method." He, and hi…

Guest: Brandon Neely