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Make Your Mark Podcast

Make Your Mark Podcast

So the big question is did some of the world's top entrepreneurs build, grow and monetize their businesses whilst standing out from their competitors? Well, Kay Suthar is your person, she will be interviewing the world's most successful entrepreneurs to find out what they did to build their own community of raving fans. On this podcast, we will uncover the secrets that these entrepreneurs used to grow their following, build a massive email list, and continued to scale to become experts in their industries.

This podcast will be packed full of shockers that will have your jaw drop to the floor. If you don’t like straight-talking… Then this isn’t the podcast for you!

Recent Episodes

MYM 88: | Journey of Michael Neeley from Acting to Becoming a Podcaster

March 29, 2023

Join Kay Suthar in this Make Your Mark Podcast episode as she sits down with podcasting expert Michael Neeley. From starting as an actor to becoming a well-known name in the podcasting industry, Michael shares his journey an…

MYM 87: | Solopreneurship 101 : What Works & What Doesn’t

March 22, 2023

Do you work on your own? Do you feel like you are no longer moving forward in your journey despite having a very good product or skill? What is a solopreneur? How do self-employed achievement orientated professionals make en…

MYM 86: | How to Build a Successful Business & Find your own Style with Yvonne

March 15, 2023

Step into the spotlight with Yvonne Henderson Decker on episode 86 of Make Your Mark Podcast! Join your host Kay Suthar as she sits down with the personal style and image consultant to discuss the journey from feeling invisi…

MYM 85: | NFTs 101: From Creating to Monetizing Digital Art

March 8, 2023

Join host Kay Suthar on episode 85 of Make Your Mark Podcast as she sits down with digital artist Terza Ekholm to explore the exciting world of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Learn how these unique tokens can be used to showcas…

MYM 84: | Humor, Marketing and Branding : The Trio That Makes Your Business Stand Out

March 1, 2023

Episode 84 of Make Your Mark Podcast features guest Hersh Rephun, a multi-talented artist who has worn many hats. He is a massage therapist, a stand-up comedian, a podcaster, and a brand storyteller. In this episode, host Ka…

MYM 83: | The LinkedIn Guide to growing your business in 2023

Feb. 22, 2023

Welcome to Make Your Mark Podcast episode 83 ! In this episode, Kay Suthar welcomes Jason Osborn , a leading expert in LinkedIn marketing who specializes in teaching businesses how to generate high-quality leads on the platf…