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Ely Delaney

Automated Systems Strategist & The People Whisperer

Ely Delaney is the co-founder and lead trainer of Purple Knight Marketing & Your Marketing University, a marketing education company designed specifically to teach you how to take control of your marketing, online and offline. Ely simplifies the complex when it comes to marketing your business and becoming THE expert in your industry.

Having trained thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals all around the globe, Ely has been a speaker and trainer for groups such as S.C.O.R.E., Icon Builder Bootcamp, National Association Of Women Business Owners, Arizona Small Business Association and many more.

He is also the co-author of “Marketing Tidbits: 50 Quick & Easy Ways To Grow Your Business”, author of “Networking Tidbits: 25 Ways To Connect, Grow & Succeed Through Networking” along with the creator of the popular training course “How To Become A Networking Rockstar To Grow Your Business” which has over 1350 students in the course.

He’s the guy that will help you build a 24/7 automated system that will do the work of a full-time employee for you so you don’t have to.

How Dialogues Turn Into Connections and Then Sales | Best Way To Show Somebody You Can Help Them
Feb. 23, 2022

How Dialogues Turn Into Connections and Then Sales | Best Way To Show…

#021 - Ely Delaney shows how dialogues turn to connections and then to sales. Because of tech, everything needed in business has been made easy today. The struggle that remains, albeit, comes from the array of options that cl...

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