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Sept. 15, 2021

Your Unfair Advantage

#008 - CEO and Best Selling Author Lee Bridges sits down and talks about the impact of little wins in his life. He also explains how one can work towards positivity, set himself up to win no matter what the goal, and why your foundation is essential more than anything else.

As someone who had to practice everything that he’s currently cheered for, Lee firmly believes in the need to have a bulletproof mindset first in everything. Shortcuts and quick fixes don’t work forever. For Lee, this is the reason why 70% of people who win at lotteries go bankrupt within a few years.

In this episode you will learn:

· Lee Bridges – from drug addiction to self-publishing a best-selling book and owning a business

· Little by little, you can learn anything like it’s the back of your hand

· Set yourself up to win!

· When starting anything, first begin with your foundation

· There is betterment in honest feedback

About Lee Bridges:
Lee is not only a complete workhorse but also remarkably positive and upbeat. He has built successful businesses from the ground up, and it is undeniable just how much he loves to see others succeed. A completely authentic modern-day leader, Lee motivates and inspires whoever he meets.

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Lee BridgesProfile Photo

Lee Bridges

CEO of Reform Financial

I’m Lee, and I’m here to get you to the superstar version of yourself; quick-smart. The version of you with no anxiety, confidence issues, fear, stress or any of the other horrible soul destroying traits that keep you from doing all that you want to do.