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Jan. 5, 2022

WTF is a Business Sounding Board?

#024 - Phil Fraser talks about how to be not lonely at the top as an entrepreneur. From the experience of a failed accountant who landed in the advertising industry that he ever so loved, Phil has seen the tendency for most entrepreneurs to do the things they like and not the things they should be doing. 

Today, he discusses the other side to the beauty of having your own business, why it's okay to discover your passion late, and a technique he uses to work his way around business problems.


· Phil Fraser  – from being a failed accountant to advertising

· It's normal to not figure out your passion at the same time as everybody

· About the making of Phil's accidental business

· Phil's PITA Patter Technique

· Look from the outside in

Phil Fraser successfully founded, ran, and subsequently sold a multi-award-winning online gaming affiliate business in a multi-million-pound sale to a PLC. You can have that business experience by your side to help and support you as a Business Owner to improve you and your business.

He spent 15 years in the advertising industry, first selling advertising space in magazines and then 7 years in a fantastic advertising agency. Phil pitched for angel investment for a new online business and failed. Off the back of the failed pitch, they pivoted to create a completely different start-up business.

From this zero-funded home start-up, they went through all of the growth phases and stresses & strains, blood, sweat, and tears of growing into a profitable business. Over 18 years, the business grew to become an industry authority, a market leader and won many industry awards. In 2018 they sold the business to a PLC, completing the journey.



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Phil Fraser

Business Sounding Board

I successfully founded, ran and subsequently sold a multi-award winning online gaming affiliate business in a multi-million pound sale to a plc. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. You can have that business experience by your side to help and support you as a Business Owner to improve you and your business. You will find me approachable, friendly and a no-nonsense, straight-forward person, interested in you, your business and your businesses development. You may also need to know that I support Leeds United, play 5-a-side twice a week, cycle, listen to The Undertones, The Clash and SLF and keep chickens! I’ll keep things simple for you, and not over complicate issues.