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March 16, 2022

Why Sales is Not Rocket Science

#034 - Ian Moyse, the chief revenue officer of ONEUP Sales, explains why sales is not about what you think it is. In businesses that utilize sales representatives, it’s common to see teams designated to make never-ending calls. 

But for Ian, there’s something counterproductive to this norm. Today, Ian speaks on why people get stuck on the numbers when it comes to sales, why sales is not about convincing, and why the ability to listen is critical to your success as a salesperson.


·         Ian Moyse – sales is not rocket science

·         What needs to change with sales reps and the non-stop calling

·         Why do people lock on numbers every time it comes to sales?

·         Active listening is fundamental to sales making

·         The kind of interaction that customers do not want

Ian Moyse has been passionate about computing for 14 yrs, falling into sales at 20. He embraces sales as a skilled profession, continues to learn, is competitive & enjoys exceeding customer expectations.
Ian moved from a sales role to a management role at age 23. Developing over the years into a Sales Leader, he is proud of the value he delivers and the individuals he has mentored and helped succeed.
He is an energetic, conscientious, ambitious Sales Leader in the Cloud industry. He enjoys and is also experienced at keynote speaking.


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Ian MoyseProfile Photo

Ian Moyse

Chief Revenue Officer at OneUp Sales

‌Ian Moyse has strong personal industry brand in both spheres of Sales leadership and cloud computing technologies and is used as a Social influencer by many leading brands such as Oracle, SAP, IBM and Huawei to name a few.
He‌ has led many sales organisations through consistent growth, including 4 through to successful exits. Ian has won many industry accolades including BESMA (British Excellence in Sales & Marketing Awards) UK Sales Director Of The Year ‌and was twice listed in the top 50 keynote Sales speakers by top sales world.