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Oct. 5, 2022

USP 63: | Bootstrapped Business 101 with George Morris

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#63 - Join Kay Suthar and George Morris as they talk about George's experiences starting a business with no prior business expertise and in a challenging economic climate. George worked hard to expand his company to the point where it was at its greatest. He told everyone who would listen about his mistakes and the lessons he had learned, from his clients to the rest of the world.


Here's a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

•       Life before business

•       Helping clients in the business

•       The role of leadership

•       Building a great team

•       DISC profile personality assessment

•       And so much more!


About George Morris:


His name is George Morris. He's a certified scaling-up coach and a lifelong entrepreneur. He has walked the entrepreneurs' journey from zero business experience, and starting up during awful economic conditions on Crash. And then he's built his business to a place where it's at its best, and it's a fast-growing company, George happily shared his mistakes and lessons learned to the rest of the world to his clients to anyone that would spend some time and actually speak with him. George is adamant that business fundamental unlocks the potential of teams and organizations. He lives just outside of Boulder, Colorado with two of his kids, and can often be found riding his bikes in the mountains and rows of Colorado. 


He actively works alongside CEOs of multi-million dollar companies to scale their business using the Scaling Up framework, while also giving back to and supporting the next generation of purpose-driven entrepreneurs. The Scaling Up Methodology aligns companies with a clear vision, goals, meeting structure, and reporting. Its genius is in the simplicity of the system. However, don't confuse simplicity with ease. His job as a Scaling Up Coach is to reduce the complexity within your organization. Less complexity means greater efficiency, profits, happiness, and agility. All his work is guaranteed and has zero risk. If you aren't convinced this methodology is working for you then you don't have to pay him for the services he provided. That's how convinced he is that Scaling Up is the best framework for accelerating growth.


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George Morris

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