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Sept. 14, 2022

USP 60: | Hiring, Employee-Employer Relationship and Remote Team Success

#060 – In the 80s, Patti Mara worked part-time in a local bookstore. Because they were supervised by a talented manager early in her career, Patti understood how customer experience significantly contributed to a business's success.

Here, Patti talks about the right approach to hiring, what's vital to building an efficient employer-remote employee relationship, and the kind of management that will make your team feel like a bunch of robots.


·         Patti Mara on having a remote team since 2007

·         How to set a remote team up for success

·         Your business is a reflection of you

·         Putting your talent out to the market takes skill

·         Diversity is always good for business


Patti Mara has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurial-owned and operated businesses to reposition them for success and dramatically increase their growth, customer retention, and profit.


She is the owner of Maranet Inc. and the creator of The Profit Generator Program*, which takes business owners through a process of developing the ability to see through their customers' eyes. She also created the Breaking Through Barriers Program*, which helps business owners identify and eliminate the bottlenecks that impede growth and success.


Patti is a popular speaker to groups from diverse industries, ranging from finance and commercial real estate, to restoration and cleaning, restaurants, and independent pharmacies. She has also been a featured speaker to North American women's and entrepreneurs' groups. She lives in Georgetown, Ontario, near Toronto.





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Patti Mara

Business Coach and Author of UpSolutions