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Sept. 7, 2022

USP 59: | How Grants Benefit Businesses featuring Reynaldo Santana

#059 – Grants are excellent tools. In what sense? Big companies like Google don’t just give away money when they grant grants. Although it may seem like a handout of extra cash, grants are actually smart business moves to avoid getting taxed more.

Here, Reynaldo talks about the basics of grants and how Impact Annex helps their clients to get successfully granted.


·         Once you go Mac, you don’t go back

·         What exactly is a grant?

·         Why do companies like Google give out grants?

·         Where does Impact Annex come in handy?

·         Google Grants are more accessible than others

Reynaldo Santana is a former tech executive with 10+ years of experience working from corporate to small-medium businesses to non-profits and start-ups. Managing a budget of 30MM and teams worldwide. Santana is now a serial entrepreneur himself, investor, speaker, philanthropist, author, and on a mission to impact 1 Billion lives by using what he has learned along his journey.

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Reynaldo SantanaProfile Photo

Reynaldo Santana

Serial entrepreneur, investor, speaker, philanthropist, author and on a mission to impact 1 Billion lives.

As the founder of ImpactAnnex, Reynaldo Santana – a serial entrepreneur with over ten years’ worth of experience in business – is on a mission towards impacting a billion lives.

Reynaldo practices what he preaches – using his experience and knowledge in the real estate space to create his own 3D printing real estate non-profit focused on providing housing to minority communities.

Dedicated towards using his knowledge and tools for the better, Reynaldo is inspired by the hidden greatness that organizations have. He wants to extract them, make them heard, and give them the tools to be here forever.