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Aug. 17, 2022

USP 056: | Leaving Passion for Profession - From Sales to Music to Meditation : Featuring Peter Paul Parker

#056 – It takes a huge leap of faith to leave your profession for passion. But to leave the latter for something you have to learn from scratch is another topic.

At first, Peter Paul Parker thought meditation was nothing but woo-woo stuff. But, after seeing how his small group of elderly clients grew and grew by the week, Peter realized how much of an impact meditation can truly make.

Here, Peter shares the story behind how he jumped from sales to music to meditation, his take on the importance of will over means, and the qualities that truly changed his life. 


·         Peter Paul Parker, from sales to music

·         Meditation is simple; it's nothing mysterious

·         You first need to have the will, then the means come after

·         Life starts to change when you…

·         Why you should always observe your actions

Peter Paul Parker is a mindset mentor, meditation coach, and Ki Gong instructor. He became a Ki Gong champion with the British team in Korea in 2016, winning the international competition at the Kookhak Ki Gong festival. Peter is a Dahn Master and trained under the Brain Education System created by Ilchi Lee. 

He is a sound healer and trained under Jonathan Goldman's vocal toning system. Peter is also a Bach Flower practitioner and musician, having released an Album entitled Anahata Earth Echoes with New World Music which also composes 432Hz music for meditation.        



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Peter Paul ParkerProfile Photo

Peter Paul Parker

Creator of the Dream Method and CEO of Bright Beings Academy