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May 4, 2022

USP: 041 | Living Better with a System-Oriented Lifestyle

#041 - Dan Lafave shares how he lives a solution-oriented and system-based life. When you don’t take over your feelings and thoughts, these translate to your entire body showing how our unconscious sometimes takes charge of us. 

Here, Dan explains why systems are solutions to everything and how he changed his outlook on nine-to-fives after coming back from one paternal leave.


·         Dan Lafave – on being naturally solution-oriented

·         Sometimes you need to jump and grow your wings mid-air

·         Doubt is the father of fear

·         You can live a better life when you live with systems

·         In business, by managing your health—you manage your energy

Dan has a beautiful wife who shares his passion for helping entrepreneurs find a balance between work and life. In addition, he has three boys that excite him and challenge him to be a better person each day and a role model for them.

Dan has a morning routine where he walks by a pond and at this pond is a magical garden. He walks through that garden every morning, and it filters out negative self-talk and leaves nothing but pure positive energy behind.


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Dan LeFaveProfile Photo

Dan LeFave

Author of Living the Life of Your Dreams

I want you to live a good life and have time for the people that matter to you the most. There are so many courses, books, and information to help guide you, but there’s nothing as powerful as finding the right people with the right experience to guide you through the tough spots. I want to be that mentor and guide that makes scaling your agency exciting.