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April 27, 2022

USP: 040 | How Real Estate Makes 90% of Millionaires Today

#040 - Forbe’s Real Estate Council Member Tony Acosta talks about the two (2) main reasons why real estate is a great market to be in. By default, you’ll be taught how to sell when you get into real estate. But in Tony’s experience, something else worked better than selling. 

Today, Tony discusses why educating people works better than selling to people, the line between giving value and giving too much, and the practical entry points to real estate investing (REI) that you can start with now.


·         Educating sells more

·         Information has been commodified by the internet

·         Getting someone’s social media is easier than getting their number

·         90% of millionaires are made in real estate

·         How can you enter REI?

Tony Acosta is the Chief Executive Officer at 1 Percent Lists Wasatch Front.

 To listen to the entire episode, go to:

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Tony AcostaProfile Photo

Tony Acosta

Real Estate Broker, Member of the Forbes Real Estate Council and Director of the Utah Podcast Coalition

Tony Acosta is Founder and CEO of 1 Percent Lists Wasatch Front and has over 9 years of experience in the real estate industry! He is an author, trainer and speaker! He is a member of the Forbes Real Estate Council, and Director of the Utah Podcast Coalition. His passion is tackling tough topics and having compelling discussions with extraordinary people!