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April 6, 2022

USP: 037 | How Mindset Overpowers Business in an Entrepreneur’s Life

#37 - Ken Attard talks about multiple facets of how mindset overpowers in business more than anything. Generally, time freedom is why most entrepreneurs do what they do.

But how do you position yourself as one when entrepreneurship is always equated with sacrifices, struggle, and a lack of security?

Today, Ken shares his takeaway from Will Smith’s character in ‘The Pursuit of Happiness,’ how thoughts tie into experiences, and why he avoids calling himself an expert.


·         Mindset is king in entrepreneurship

·         Lessons from the movie ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’

·         You shouldn’t stop learning things

·         Your thoughts tie into your experiences

·         Gratitude brings you into the present moment

Ken helps frustrated entrepreneurs to adapt and pivot their businesses. Using his Proprietary ARC Method, they are able to free up more time guaranteed. Ken Attard is a mindset consultant, an entrepreneur, and is the founder of Mindset Malta.

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Ken AttardProfile Photo

Ken Attard

Founder of Mindset Malta and the Creator of The Inside Lane

Have you ever wondered how so many Entrepreneurs’ lives have become stagnant with seemingly no way to adapt or pivot their business?

What if you could now begin to truly understand how you could adapt your business whenever needed, regardless of the circumstances and uncertainty surrounding you? I have developed the unique ARC Method, a proprietary proven simple process, helping you to shift your thinking, so that you too can adapt and pivot your business, enabling you to have more time and energy and ultimately increasing your profitability…. guaranteed.