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Oct. 6, 2021

Social Media is Your Friend

#011 - Online Marketing Mentor and Strategic Intervention Coach Monika Todd share the smart social media strategies that end the never-ending hustle online.

As a coach to coaches, Monika explains how she gives the people she teaches what they want and what they need to propel their potential. Here, she talks about limiting beliefs, the ideas to help you never run out of content as an online brand, and the difference between coaching and mentoring.

In this episode you will learn:

· Monika Todd – at some point, you’ll want freedom from corporate life.

· The important distinction between coaching and mentoring.

· No one is 100% expert at something.

· Three (3) ideas to help you neverrun out of content.

· How do you leave a long-lasting influence on people?

About Monika Todd:
Monika Todd is a coach and mentor to online coaches who don’t know the tools they need to turn their knowledge into a profitable online business; from checklists and social media strategies to a step-by-step blueprint for launching their flagship offer.

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Monika ToddProfile Photo

Monika Todd

Online Marketing Mentor for Coaches

Hey! I was born and raised in beautiful polish countryside. While still at Uni I took the opportunity to come over to the UK for 6 months under Concordia work placement. 18 years later I am still here!
After over a decade working for big corporate businesses I have jumped into an entrepreneurial world so that I can start building the freedom lifestyle for myself and my family. And now - that is what I help others to do as well through my signature program The Online Launch Lab, and social media marketing services that I provide.
I am also a wife, mum, bonus mum, dog mum, cake baker and an amateur runner (the goal for 2021: 2000km).