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Aug. 18, 2021

Slave To Your Business

#004 - We are joined by the Founder & CEO of, Gavin Sequeira, to discuss the possibilities outside corporate and the relevance of values to your work. 

Starting something outside of corporate doesn’t have to be totally different from your current profession. For Gavin, you can transfer your existing talents and skills outside of corporate—only this time—with more creativity and freedom.

In this episode you will learn:

· Gavin Sequeira – on what happens if your values and work don’t align

· Outside of corporate, there is the opportunity for creativity and freedom

· Your plan needs an objective, timeline, and systems

· There is power in writing down your goals!

· The platforms you create can utilize proven skills and talents

About Gavin Sequeira:
Gavin Sequeira completed an MBA and earned a successful career with IBM and Oracle. Gavin is a speaker, coach, and author of Break Free From Corporate—Be Your Own Boss and runs a program designed to help people during their transition

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Gavin SequeiraProfile Photo

Gavin Sequeira

Author, Speaker, Facilitator and Mentor

Gavin is an advocate for resilience and change, having lived in a war-torn country, and escaping religious persecution growing up. Post migration to Australia and with 10+ years in the corporate world working for tech giants IBM and Oracle, Gavin was made redundant overnight, catapulting his spiritual and entrepreneurial journey.