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Outstanding Podcast

Keep on rocking Kay. Love your Podcast show my friend. Highly recommend listening to this Podcast if you are seeking to MAKE YOUR MARK in this planet. Much Love, Carlos Siqueira aka Carlos Inspire Host of The CarlosInspireShow.Com

Value Packed!

I absolutely love the Make Your Mark Podcast! This show is packed with educational and valuable insights for entrepreneurs who want to build, grow, and monetize their businesses. Kay provide actionable advice and practical tips that can help any business owner stand out from their competitors. I appreciate how the podcast covers a wide range of topics, from marketing and sales to leadership and mindset. Every episode is filled with valuable information that I can apply to my own business. If you're an entrepreneur looking to take your business to the next level, this is the podcast for you!

Fun and educational!

I adore listening to Kay interview her guests! She is excited, and asks great questions. She gets really great guests!

Make Your Mark with Music

Join Kay and Dave Combs as they explore the twists and turns of an entrepreneur who made his mark in the music business.

Such a great podcast!

I love the whole concept of this podcast. It’s inspiring to see different ideas on how we can make our mark, while creating a greater impact. The episode with Robin Linda is a great example of this. She speaks about how we can harness our creativity while making a difference in the world. Great job Kay!

GREAT show!

Only 2 episodes in and I LOVE this podcast! Very actionable and practical. Definitely binge worthy! And Kay is a PHENOMENAL interviewer that makes it worth listening to.

Amazing show!

I am so glad I came across this show! I’ve taken so many actionable and practical nuggets of advice to implement. Love tuning in!

Love this!

Kay is the best. Her personality and input is SOLID! She brings fantastic guests and definitely is a leader in the space. Make sure to listen and follow!

USP 055: | Guest Podcasting - The Do’s and the Dont’s

Kay provides excellent information in this episode. She presents five easy to understand and actionable steps, including the tip to review the podcaster’s show! Being an excellent guest makes it super helpful to continue being invited to be a guest on other podcasts as well as increase the probability of being invited to be a repeat guest. Being a good guest to help the audience as well as the podcaster is pure gold and Kay tells us how to do this.

Genuine excitement and insights!

Kay brings such enthusiasm to this show and to the ins and outs of doing business. Great guests and useful insights appear with each new episode!

Incredibly interesting

Kay Suthar is an excellent interviewer. She allows each guest to contribute as well as adding insights into every conversation.

Great podcast to check out

If you want to learn more about marketing, sales, and finance. This is the right podcast for you

Dopest podcast on the MF planet

Woah there! Don’t go no further because you are about to miss on free game! Kay and Tim has a collection of guests from multiple fields come on to drops gems of how to level up as a business owner. If entrepreneurship is something you aspire to do, then download all this catalog because they got the game that you may need. - Chancellor

No nonsense business podcast

Kay Suthar is an informative, probing host asking just the right questions to elicit key information from her guests. Her screening of guests and topics makes her the go-to hosts for busy professionals looking for concrete tips to move their business forward easily and quickly.

Powerful conversations

Kay is really great at asking questions that get to the heart of issues. She is a thoughtful host and really keeps her listeners at the center of the conversation! Powerful wealth wisdom

Awesome Vibe

I love the vibe on this show. Edgy but not too much. The content is valuable to business owners and entrepreneurs. Give it a try. I was recently a guest on the show and thoroughly enjoyed the interview process with Kay.

This is good stuff 💯

Powerful podcast. Kay is a great host and has inspiring guests that share powerful ideas on being more. Highly recommend.

Kay is an amazing host!

Kay does such a great job with her podcast. She asks brilliant questions to her guests and provides so much value for listeners. An A+ podcast! Keep it up :)

Awesome Vibe

I love the vibe on this show. Edgy but not too much. The content is valuable to business owners and entrepreneurs. Give it a try.

Short, Direct and Useful.

Kay does a great job of diving right into the topic with the speaker and extracting useful information for the listeners. I appreciate podcast that don’t wander off topic and she keeps it focused and useful.

So Insightful!

Kay does a phenomenal job in every one of her podcast episodes! She not only adds such an insightful perspective on all things business, but she also asks such intriguing questions to elicit truly valuable responses from her interview guests! Love everything about it and her!

Great insight!

I've been a big fan of this podcast for a while now. I love how Kay always has such interesting and helpful guests on, and the conversations always flow so naturally. It's just such a great listen!

Educational and Fun

Kay’s energy and focus draws you in and really brings out the flair in her special guests. This is edutainment at its best. I highly recommend subscribing.

Awesome podcast!

Kay asks such insightful questions and, therefore, creates wonderful and rich interviews full of wisdom and value.

Impeccable Lead Advice!

Kay was a pivotal point in connecting the value of business to purpose and learning the steps in order to expand perception from singular vagabonding yogi to an effective entrepreneur and leader. After one call with Kay, I experienced an alignment in the perception for the good of humanity and how this shows up in the business model. There is no time like the present and the value Kay brings to the table is impeccable!

Love this Podcast

I have been listening for a while. I love this podcast because the guests have something to share and say and Kay leads such interesting and helpful conversations.

Favorite episode was the one with Ely

I wanted to take a minute to thank Kay and Tom for having Ely on the show. His insight resonates with me. As an entrepreneur his message reinforced the value in building real relationships with potential clients. In my experience, when I focus on the value I can bring to someone and how to help solve a problem that’s what creates the magic! -Jackie

Great Podcast!

Great podcast! You can tell she spends a lot of time perfecting her show.

Engaging and Inspiring

Kay is full of energy and passing. Her interviews and inspiring and informative. She asks better questions to deliver inforation to the her audiences.

Uncensored is a perfect title!

Kay does a great job selecting her guests as a great fit for her audience and asking curious questions. It is breath of fresh air to hear real, honest info and advice from people hustling every day. Give it a listen!