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May 24, 2023

MYM 96: | Harnessing Negotiation Skills to Future-Proof Your Business, with Mike Lander

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Join Kay Suthar in this week's episode of Make Your Mark Podcast as she sits down with Mike Lander, a successful entrepreneur and expert negotiator based in the UK. Mike shares his personal story of overcoming academic underperformance and shyness to become a successful business owner. He emphasizes the importance of preparation and risk management in negotiations, providing practical tips on how to anchor the deal, anticipate objections, and clarify decision-making power. Tune in to learn from Mike's wealth of experience and gain insights on how to take control of negotiations and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes!

Here's a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:
Mike's personal story and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs
The importance of preparation in negotiations and the four steps involved
The significance of termination rights and having a termination notice prepared
The importance of active listening and understanding the other party's objectives and emotions in negotiations
And so much more!

About Mike Lander:

Mike Lander is a successful entrepreneur and expert negotiator, with a proven track record of buying, growing, and selling businesses for seven-figure sums. He has a uniquely valuable perspective on negotiating commercial deals, having worked on both sides of the table as a Procurement Director and an entrepreneur. He now uses his specialist knowledge and experience negotiating hundreds of deals worth £400m+ to empower leaders and sales teams to negotiate more profitable deals with procurement.

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