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April 19, 2023

MYM 91: | How to Run a Successful Promotional Product Program with Swire Ho

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Step into the branding and promotional products world with Swire Ho on episode 88 of the Make Your Mark Podcast! Join host Kay Suthar as she sits down with the Chinese-American entrepreneur and founder of Helman Production Inc. in Los Angeles. Discover Swire's journey in the business world, how he stumbled upon the promotional product market, and why personalized, quality promotional products are crucial for businesses. Get inspired as Swire explains how promotional products can help you stay top-of-mind of your customers and how to create a successful promotional product program. In this episode, you'll also learn the importance of customer retention, the power of referrals, and combining offline and online marketing techniques. Play along with the fun quiz where the guest speaker challenges the host to name popular brands in just 30 seconds.

Here's a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:
Swire's journey in the business world and how he stumbled into the promotional product market
The importance of promotional products for businesses as touchpoints and how to create a successful promotional product program
The role of promotional products in customer retention and creating a win-win situation for clients and their audience
The benefits of combining offline and online marketing techniques
The importance of identifying one's ideal client and using promotional 
And so much more!

About Swire Ho: 
Swire Ho, also known as "thepromoguy," is an experienced professional who helps companies grow sales, retain employees, and show appreciation to customers with custom branded products. He was born and raised in Hong Kong and immigrated to Los Angeles in 1996. Swire is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English and possesses exceptional project management skills, creativity, and expertise in navigating the corporate buying process. He has received several awards, including the SCORE Award for Small Business Success in 2009 and becoming the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassador of the Year in 2018. Swire is also recognized as a subject matter expert on promotional products in over 100+ podcasts and was named #online18 2023 as one of the best promo pros on social media. He is a lifelong student of strength and a certified kettlebell instructor from #strongfirst.

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