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April 12, 2023

MYM 90: | HR Processes and Mistakes and Technology Improvements to Remove Bias, with Katherine

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Welcome to the latest episode of Make Your Mark Podcast! In this episode, host Kay Suthar welcomes guest, Katherine McCord, the founder of Titan Management, a national People Operations consulting firm. Katherine is the mastermind behind the first fully accessible anti-bias applicant tracking system plugin. Listen in as she shares her background and what she thinks are business owners' mistakes in their HR processes. In addition, she emphasizes the importance of inclusivity and flexibility in the interview process and the dangers of creating an ideal candidate profile. The conversation concludes with Kay challenging Katherine with the Make Your Mark challenge. Please tune in to learn more about how Katherine's technology removes bias in the hiring process and hear her personal story of being discriminated against for her height.

Here's a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:
Katherine's background and her founding of Titan Management
HR processes and mistakes made by business owners
Importance of making accommodations standard and being flexible in the interview process
Discussion of the technology created to remove bias in the hiring process, including its design and features
Personal stories of discrimination based on irrelevant factors and the importance of avoiding bias in hiring.
And so much more!

About Katherine McCord:

Katherine McCord is a physically and neuro-diverse woman who founded Titan Management, a national People Operations consulting firm. She has multiple physical and neuro diversities, including MCAS, seizures, Bipolar, and OCD. Katherine is a foster mama and works with various charities across the country. She hosts two shows, Career Launch Live and Super Mania Show, and is on the Board of the international neurodiversity group, The Octopus Movement. Katherine is passionate about People Operations and Inclusion and has spoken for various events, organizations, and shows, including the London School of Business, SHRM, and Web Summit.

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