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March 8, 2023

MYM 85: | NFTs 101: From Creating to Monetizing Digital Art

Join host Kay Suthar on episode 85 of Make Your Mark Podcast as she sits down with digital artist Terza Ekholm to explore the exciting world of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Learn how these unique tokens can be used to showcase and monetize digital art and make podcasts stand out.

Terza shares her expertise on how NFTs can also be utilized in online courses and coaching. Discover the potential of using NFTs to sell subscriptions, access to coaches, or entire course packages. Get tips on launching an NFT program, including a "done for you" option where Terza can help formulate your strategy and launch the program.

Find out why building a community and marketing is vital, even after launching NFTs. Take advantage of this exciting episode on using NFTs to make your mark in the digital world!

Here's a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

• How NFTs work, including how to mint them and the creation of smart contracts.
• Benefits of NFTs for artists and businesses, including showcasing digital art and tokenization of intellectual property.
• Use screenshots in podcast episodes to make them stand out and appeal to different learning styles.
• Creation and selling of NFTs using platforms like OpenSea and Voice.
• Utilizing NFTs in coaching and education by selling course modules or subscriptions as NFTs.
• And so much more!

About Terza Ekholm:

Terza Ekholm is a digital artist and expert on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). She started with physical art but eventually transitioned to digital art and explored the world of cryptocurrencies, where she discovered NFTs. NFTs allow for the tokenization of digital art, allowing for easy buying, selling, and trading. Terza uses NFTs to showcase her digital art to a larger audience.

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