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Feb. 22, 2023

MYM 83: | The LinkedIn Guide to growing your business in 2023

Welcome to Make Your Mark Podcast episode 83! In this episode, Kay Suthar welcomes Jason Osborn, a leading expert in LinkedIn marketing who specializes in teaching businesses how to generate high-quality leads on the platform in an authentic manner. 

In addition, Jason provides valuable resources through his monthly membership program, including step-by-step training, group coaching calls, expert interviews, and more. Throughout the episode, Jason emphasizes the importance of understanding the unique psychology of LinkedIn users and how to effectively use the platform to generate leads without being spammy. 

He also highlights the benefits of using other media, such as podcasting, to promote and build credibility for one's business. Join the conversation and learn valuable insights from Jason on leveraging LinkedIn effectively for your business.

Here's a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

•       The Journey from Door-to-Door Sales to Online Marketing

•       How Jason Osborn's Passion for Helping Others Led to Success in LinkedIn Marketing

•       Building Authentic Relationships on LinkedIn

•       Leveraging Multi-Pronged Marketing Strategies and Other People's Networks

•       A Comprehensive Membership Program for Generating Leads and Building Your Business

•       And so much more!

About Jason Osborn:

 Jason Osborn is the CEO of Impact For Leads which helps companies create powerful marketing and LinkedIn lead strategies. Jason is a LinkedIn expert who specializes in helping businesses generate high-quality leads through the platform. He is originally from Texas but now lives in Ireland and England. He began his career as a life coach and built an email list of over 9000 people in 18 months by learning how to market himself online. He now focuses on helping other businesses with marketing on LinkedIn and other platforms in an authentic manner.


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