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Dec. 28, 2022

MYM 075: | Timothy R. Johnson : His Struggle Through Life and Success as a Business Coach

Welcome to Make Your Mark Podcast episode 75! Join Kay Suthar and Timothy R. Johnson as they talk about his shocking but motivational life story. Despite the challenges, Tim has launched several businesses, published a book that teaches people about sales strategies and pushes people to be successful. In addition, he explains how even the most successful people, football or basketball teams, need a coach. 



Here's a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

•       Tim mentions going back to third grade to be able to communicate.

•       The significance of being truthful to oneself

•       His motivation to continue

•       The day Tim and Sam met.

•       When your mind is shut off, you’ll never see the opportunity.

•       And so much more!



About Timothy R Johnson:


Tim Johnson is a Business and Real Estate Mentor, Coach, National Speaker, Rehab Expert, and highly sought-after Trainer, sharing his proven success systems to create sustainable financial freedom.


Waking up at six years old to a live news report revealing that his father was a serial killer, Tim’s life has been anything but normal. In fact, normal was not even in the realm of possibility. But after a chance encounter with a group of Vietnam veterans, Tim started to see his life very differently and decided he would not be a victim of his past. As a result, Tim has created multimillion-dollar businesses in construction and real estate and as a business author and coach. His work has helped thousands of people all over the world. 



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Timothy R. Johnson

Business Mentor, Coach, National Speaker, Rehab Expert

What does it cost your business when your marketing and sales processes aren't smooth and consistent with each and every customer contact?

How many sales are lost each month because your ideal clients don’t see you as their best solution, or your message leaves too many unanswered questions? How many sales are you losing even when your message-to-market matches up, but your sales message gets changed or confused once they respond?

These are just a few of the common marketing and sales challenges business development and sales expert Tim Johnson has solved for hundreds of clients. It didn’t just happen. Tim learned the hard way by building several successful businesses, including as a general contractor and investor.

He created his own success. His businesses couldn’t run without him, so instead of spending weekends with his family, as his employees did, he was clocking 100-hour weeks and missing his kid’s ballgames.

Tim searched for solutions to streamline his operations, to fix the “holes” in his staffing, sales and marketing processes, and put in automated systems and processes that made sure his clients had the same experience, consistently, time and time again. His efforts paid off. Tim saw his business grow by double digits while cutting his workload by two-thirds.