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Sept. 22, 2021

Making Clients Sound Great

#009 - Podcast Editing Expert Alex Williamns shares honestly about how podcasting changed his life for the better. Before, Alex sucked at listening to people.

But, with the help of a bit of self-awareness and podcasting, Alex found his change. Here, Alex talks about why he prefers audio over video, the needed elements before starting your own podcast, and how editing enables him to support his guest’s core message for listeners.

In this episode you will learn:

· Podcasting helps you listen closely to people

· There is forgiveness in the audio format

· What do you need to figure out before making a podcast?

· Consistency makes you better faster!

· Podcasters grow together in one welcoming community.

About Alex Williamns:
Alex started My Wax Museum in January 2018 as a means of self-improvement. He was a really bad listener. Every time someone said something, he thought, “Wow! I have a great story that goes right along with that!” They could have been telling Alex about their breakfast, and he’d just start talking - for no reason. Alex was being selfish and knew he needed to change. The show helped keep his mouth shut for an hour while he listened to people. Slowly, he realised people had amazing stories to share.

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Alex WilliamnsProfile Photo

Alex Williamns

Host of Broken Bulbs and My Wax Museum

Alex has been podcasting since January 2018, starting as a way to improve his
listening skills - because he had none.
Since then, he’s interviewed nearly 300 guests and collaborated with podcasters from
around the world to share incredible, everyday stories.He kicked off 2021 with a 10-15 minute thrice-weekly podcast, Broken Bulbs, where he interviews entrepreneurs and other creative folks about their failures and what they learned from them.
He is relentlessly creating podcasts with three new shows planned for 2022.