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July 20, 2022

Living on the Edge of Life with Derek Rowe

#052 – Our environment shapes us, but it's not our end all be all. Derek Rowe explains how nurturing yourself out of a rut, despite being challenging, can be very rewarding in life and business. As someone who fell to drugs at 12, Derek has successfully shown how it's possible.

Here, Derek explains why it's essential to match your words with your actions, why you need to focus away from the negative self-talk, and why being direct, above everything, is crucial to leadership.


·         Derek Rowe on living on the edge of life 

·         Losers talk, legends walk

·         How to master self-talk

·         Real-life experiences teach us things that schools don't

·         When you're in your own head, you can't see everything


Derek Rowe currently runs the most Successful personal Training Gym in the South East of Ireland, Body Shape Performance. His mission is to help as many people as he can change their lives and improve not only their Physique but, as significantly, change their thinking through teaching how to create the perfect mindset and environment for his clients to self-develop, therefore helping countless others who they are in contact with benefit also. 


Derek's expertise is getting the best out of people through being highly motivational and skills in Training and Nutrition practices creating Happy, Confident, Fit, and healthy people in the process.


Derek has recently launched his Men's online program, Ultimate Physique System, which is doing very well spreading his teachings to a worldwide audience creating the Ultimate version one can be.


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Derek Rowe

Peak performance & Mindset coach

I’m Derek Rowe, founder of DROWE Method. Together, we will do what it takes, so you can be the absolute best version of yourself mentally & physically.

In today’s modern society, people lose focus on what’s important to be happy and successful. They indulge in internal & external vices that hold them back from living the life they want.

They choose Instant gratification over long term happiness and success.

I built this website as your guide to stepping up and claiming what’s yours. Being the best individual you can be, excelling in all areas of life.

Together, we will stand shoulder to shoulder by taking the right daily actions that enhance your life.