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Nov. 10, 2021

Learn to Communicate & Connect

#016 - Danna Olivo of MarketAtomy speaks about why not knowing what you don't know in business should never be overlooked. In her experience, Danna has had two failed businesses. But it wasn't only until her second business that she learned what dragged her first business down. 

Today, as one of the brains behind MarketAtomy, Danna shares why jumping directly to your sales pitch can be counterproductive, what defines solo and micro-entrepreneurs, how critical trust is to every business and brand, and why MarketAtomy is for every solo and micro-entrepreneur.


· Not knowing what you don't know can result in failure

· Trust first, sales pitch later.

· It's not an overnight success, even for the most successful college drop-outs.

· This is where MarketAtomy comes in…

· The common scenarios where early-stage businesses fail


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Danna OlivoProfile Photo

Danna Olivo

CEO of MarketAtomy

My team and I provide you with a fresh perspective on how to build a foundation for scalable growth. One that attracts not only customers but sought-after funding needed to exponentially grow your business. A solid foundation for growth will turn PROSPECTS into RAVING FANS! One that will help you turn the 'NO' to 'YES' when it comes to funding your business! Whether you’re seeking early start-up financing or capital funding to take your business to the next level, we have cracked the code for getting the dollars you need.