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Jan. 19, 2022

Keep Your Money Working 24/7

#026 - Dennis Williams Jr. explains how you can use the banking strategy to decrease your debt interest. After using Dennis’ app, CashMap, and learning the savings mentality, one user shared they’re now on their way to paying off a 12-year debt with $250,000 decrease in interest.

Today, Dennis further talks about what the savings mentality is all about, why he doesn’t use the term ‘budget,’ and how the CashMap blueprint can help you leverage the banking strategies that the bank doesn’t teach you how to maximize.


·         The question most people don’t ask themselves

·         What happens in the CashMap blueprint

·         Decreasing interest with the bank strategy

·         Transforming to a savings mindset

·         Testimonials from CashMap users

Dennis C. Williams Jr. is the creator of CashMap Pro. Most recently, he served as a Senior Executive at RedSail Technologies in a range of positions including Finance, Human Resources, Legal Affairs, Software Development, and Testing. 

Over the past ten years, he has worked on developing CashMap Pro with the goal of helping everyone harness the tools at their disposal to save more and achieve their dreams.

Dennis graduated from Loma Linda University with a BA in biology and earned his MBA from the University of Hawaii. He has over 25 years of healthcare experience. He and his wife Linda, have three children – Mathieu, Jenae, and Elise.


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Dennis WilliamsProfile Photo

Dennis Williams

Creator & Manager of CashMap Consulting LLC

Dennis has discovered how to turn the table and use the bank’s rules to your
benefit. He’s the Creator of an innovative easy to use one of a kind finance app called CashMap and an eight-week coaching course, The CashMap Blueprint. He teaches people to confidently strengthen their finances, increasing choices and security while mitigating risk and decreasing debt. His clients are able to pay off any debt in half the time, improve their personal relationships and enjoy creating their legacy. He has earned his Masters in Business Administration and has 25 years of executive experience creating collaborative high performing teams across multiple disciplines.