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Jan. 26, 2022

Increasing Your Leadership Quotient

#027 - Vinay Raman shares how he takes companies and cultures from reactive to responsive. As a leader, Vinay dislikes referring to his people as employees. Instead, he treats them as the experts who are the ones on top of the mountains that hold perspectives that he can gain from. 

Here, he shares what we can learn from Olympians, his thoughts on why it’s not about the answer, but about having the right questions, what we have that AIs don’t have, and his refreshing take on perspective over intelligence.


·         What AI can’t do that humans can

·         An expert is someone who can simplify years of experience and knowledge

·         The Power of Asking Questions

·         Every work needs to have a culture

·         About the Business Blind Spots podcast

Vinay Raman is the CEO of CAARMO, Inc. and is the host of the Business Blind Spots podcast. 

Over the last 20 years, Vinay has been a senior leader ranked as a top company in Inc. Magazine’s fastest-growing company list (2x), sold a multi-million-dollar business and won over $154 Million in contracts. 

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Vinay RamanProfile Photo

Vinay Raman

CEO and Founder of CAARMO

Vinay is a serial entrepreneur and expert on business scaling growth. He helps business leaders find that story and build an ending through understanding their data. He has grown organizations with 10 people and with 255,000.