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Nov. 17, 2021

How to Retire at 24

#017 - Cameron Danalis talks about the journey that allowed him to retire in his early 20s. Cameron is actual proof that, with the right actions, change can happen as quickly as we want them to. He did that in his teenage years, and he did that again for this particular episode.

As you tune in, listen as Cameron explains why you don't need to struggle to succeed, the role of delayed gratification in his life, and what we can learn from his self-published book Everyone's an Idiot: An explanation of why everyone is, and how not to be, an idiot.


· With action, change can happen as quickly as you want!

· Cameron Danalis – you don't need that car right now

· People can learn from other people's mistakes

· What the book "Everyone's an Idiot" gives you

· Thinking big in small pictures

Cameron considers himself a life strategist, not a life coach. A life coach is someone who pays $1,000 to get some B.S. certification after taking a three-day online course that grants no authority. A life strategist is someone who overcomes a wide range of circumstances, has first-hand knowledge of different cultures, and fosters relationships with people around the world.

A life strategist knows how to create and follow a detailed plan that is fine-tuned to personal situations. Cameron has been to dozens of different countries, became a CEO, and a published author. He's lived a life chock-full of incredible experiences as a result. In 2016, he had $2,000 to his name. By 2021, Cameron had multiple rental properties, retired from his day job, and spent his free time traveling the world and helping people.

Cameron has helped many people create bulletproof plans for their life according to their goals.


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Cameron DanalisProfile Photo

Cameron Danalis

Author of "Everyone’s an Idiot", World Traveler, Entrepreneur

I’m Nobody. But That’s the Point. In 2016, I had $2,000 to my name. By 2021, I had multiple rental properties, fled the corporate world, and now spend my free time traveling the world and helping people. But before that, I was born to a normal middle class family, who happened to lose everything in 2008. We went from nice house in a suburb to living in a family friend’s home in a bad part of town. At that time, my primary concern was hiding my living situation from everyone so that I didn’t get kicked out of my high-school for no longer living in that district.