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Feb. 2, 2022

How to Plan Your Money Effectively Without Hindrance

#028 - Debra Morrison speaks on the refreshing truths about how you should be planning your money as well as the things that are stopping you. 

With her years of experience as a risk manager, Debra explains the common biases that shape money management for most people, why communication is integral in financial planning for couples, where to start when managing your money, and why we need to look past what the media presents as “sexy.”


·         It’s garbage in, garbage out—always!

·         How to have self-talks about money

·         The notion of thinking ahead when planning your finances

·         To be financially well, dig deeper than what looks sexy!

·         Risk is the currency for reward

Debra draws on her four decades of financial expertise, including her Master’s Degree in Retirement Planning, where she partnered with clients to chart their financial plans and managed their assets accordingly on a Fee-Only Fiduciary basis. She holds the Accredited Estate Planner designation, which armed her with speciality knowledge that helped her clients, and their families KEEP more of their hard-earned estates, leaving rich legacies.

Join Debra on Thursday, Feb 24th from 11am-5pm EDT for the Intentionally Wealthy Women Conference. Here’s the reg:

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Debra MorrisonProfile Photo

Debra Morrison

Speaker, Author & Financial Coach

Debra has authored 3 books, Ms. Morrison’s Dictionary of Useful Financial Investment Terms, Common Sense Money Guide For Women, and My Husband Died, Now What? A Widow’s Guide to Grief Recovery & Smart Financial Decisions. She is also a Certified Grief Coach and an International Motivational Speaker. Debra is driven by the desire to share financial nuggets that help women feel empowered about their finances & their lives, regardless of circumstances. “I’m passionate about connecting, learning and teaching!”