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March 9, 2022

How To Leverage the Medium of Speaking to Scale Your Business

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#033 - Dannella Burnett shares her thoughts on why entrepreneurs should utilize the medium of speaking to scale their business. For years, Dannella was involved in the hospitality management industry, but big things began to change right after her very first personal development event.

As the Founder/CEO of Speakers Need to Speak, today, Dannella talks about how to evaluate your business in four categories, what your event or offer needs to do for your audience, and how you can put together a great lead magnet.


·         Why Dannella doesn’t like the word “pivot”

·         The part of your business that you need to focus on

·         Dannella Burnett – why I speak to speakers first

·         Your offer should help your audience make a firm “yes” or “no”

·         Three examples of speaking

Dannella Burnett is an experienced owner with a demonstrated history of working in the events services industry. She is professionally skilled in marketing, catering, nonprofit organizations, negotiation, business planning, and coaching. Dannella is the founder and CEO of Speakers Need to Speakand is the one you can trust when it comes to events as the brain behind Encore Elite Events.


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Dannella BurnettProfile Photo

Dannella Burnett

Founder of Encore Elite Events & Speakers Need To Speak

A few years back, Dannella Burnett, a rising event producer, noticed a trend. Speakers were having a difficult time finding the right stages and having a hard time getting their messages heard. In 2018 Dannella founded Speakers Need to Speak. She believed that speakers need help getting on more stages and getting paid for what they do. What began as a little project soon became a thriving success.