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Oct. 20, 2021

Gain Infinite Prosperity

#013 - Dawna Campbell The Mind Whisperer® speaks about how energy can ultimately influence your course in life and in business. Stress, worry, and pressure once brought Dawna down as a financial advisor and a single mother of two.

Now, as an expert on the mind and body connection, Dawna explains in this episode what it means to discover, release, and transform stuck energy, the essence of regular mental breaks, and why it is vital to understand our particle and divine essencemaking.


· Dawna Campbell on discovering the mind and body connection.

· The Pivot and Shift Technique.

· We are two things!

· How does stuck energy affect your business?

· When it comes to your emotions, awareness is master.

Considered a Mind Whisperer, Dawna combines her knowledge, wisdom, experience, and talents to help people create a life of Happiness, Prosperity, and Love. Her vision is to transform each person's individual pain into "silver lining" gifts to create a global impact of healing and creating abundance for all.

Dawna has over 25 combined years of professional experience. As a former Financial Advisor, her book, Financially Fit, is a #1 Amazon International Best Seller bringing together the world of money and the energy body and the soul's essence. "Financially Fit is for the person who wants to align their inner balance with gaining infinite prosperity in all areas of their life," says Dawna Campbell.

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Dawna CampbellProfile Photo

Dawna Campbell

CEO/Founder of The Healing Heart, Inc. (known as The Mind Whisperer)

Dawna shares the healing techniques that she has learned all around the world, including from yogic healers, Zen Buddhist Monks, and a Medicine Woman while maintaining a private practice. She embodies life and lived in an Ashram (spiritual living community) for a year. This has earned Dawna the title of “The Mind Whisperer” for creating instantaneous results for others in the areas of health, wealth, and relationships.