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Dec. 22, 2021

Find, Shape & Share Your Story

#022 - Michael Dargie talks about what your message—as a brand—should and shouldn’t be about. As someone whos into improvs, Michael explains that gripping performances are established with platforms. 

Platforms compose who you are, where you are, what you’re doing, etc. In coaching, he applies this same concept to teach clients how to create expectations that engage and connect. Here, Michael explains more about the brand DNA, the four WHs of every business, and why you shouldn’t spread yourself too thinly across social media.


· Michael Dargie – on helping SMEs show up as the big guys

· Most businesses don’t know who they are

· Should you be on all social media platforms?

· The Brand DNA

· Your message is about your audience—not you.

Michael is an improviser and emerging stand-up comedian with a truly unique look at life and all the creatures we share this planet with. His stage presence is grounded and balanced by the 38,000+ hours he’s spent teaching and inspiring adults across various disciplines, from riding motorcycles to Japanese jujitsu to art and design, business, and branding.

His creative agency, Make More Creative, is a force for good in the world and is dedicated to helping small- to medium-sized businesses show up as the big guys. To support these companies, Michael has created several workshops and programs designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners kick-ass and is in the process of writing several books to support each program — the first one to be published in early 2021.


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Michael DargieProfile Photo

Michael Dargie

CEO of Make More Creative

Michael spent five years as the Communications Director for a multinational customer experience management firm, helping Fortune 500 brands understand and improve the impact of their brand. And for the past 16 years he’s taken what he learned there and has been helping small to medium-sized business show up in the market like the big guys. He is also an award-winning film producer, speaker, and his podcast THE REBELREBEL has been nominated three-years in a row for OUTSTANDING BUSINESS SERIES. He teaches entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, small-to medium-sized businesses how to find, shape, and share their story so everyone gets it.