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Aug. 11, 2021

Fill Your Events

#003 - Tune in to the Chief Messenger of Ventobot, Victor Vento, as he talks about the power of ads, how he fills rooms with the right people, and the crazy story of how they increased a sale by 3221% from an ad worth $4. 

As the sought-after marketer he is, Victor explains how ads are designed to stimulate connection and experience—instead of just selling and throwing a pitch. For him, ads help you scale because it explodes what you already have.

In this episode you will learn:

· There's a lot more to a brand and personality than just expertise and skills

· What exactly do ads do?

· Why do some ads fail?

· Victor Vento – on how marketing relates to parenting

· The secret sauce to business and marketing that people find weird

About Victor Vento:
Victor Vento is a Conversational Marketing Expert and the Chief Messenger of Ventobot. He is a support and guide to coaches/consultants when they run into their 'IDK if this is for me' moments in conversations that get them stuck trying to convince their prospects why they should sign up.

A valuable gift from Victor to you on, How to Close 20% of All Event Attendees Into Paying Clients with One VIP Ticket Sales Video:

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Victor VentoProfile Photo

Victor Vento

Chief Messenger of Ventobot

Hi I'm Victor, and high-growth Coaches, and Consultants work with me to scale through Facebook Ads and Chatbots. I do this through my 4-phase Complete Automation Strategy so you can scale to high multiple 6-Figures or mid 7-Figures. The 4-Phase Complete Automation Strategy has been responsible for generating over 3000% ROI and over tens of thousands of dollars in revenue for my clients.
Without it, you'll be stuck guessing what your audience wants and spending countless dollars and hours wondering how to attract and convert the right people. With it, you'll create a well lubricated system that attracts and converts new and existing clients so you can scale.