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Dec. 1, 2021

EASY Content Framework

#019 - Esai Arasi talks about how you can create social media content like an expert. Before founding, Esai discovered that the main trick to making people change behavior doesn't solely lie in imparting information.

People don't work out despite finding it hard just because they know they'll get abs; they work out because they find a way to make it fun. Today, Esai talks about the effect of gamification on achieving results, the most common content creation mistakes, who your ideal clients are, the purpose of testimonials in your sales process, and so much more.


· How do we get people to take complex actions?

· The Magic Sauce to Changing Behavior

· What are the common mistakes of content creators?

· Esai Arasi – on turning bullies to book worms

· Don't teach them how to DIY; show them how the action happens.

Esai Arasi is the founder of For Esai, social media content is the first place where your clients learn how to work with you. When your social media content is effective, it can even turn PITA clients into your ideal dream clients.

She created the E.A.S.Y. social media framework that works for introverted copywriters. For those who don't want to dance on video.

A step by step guide to creating a Quiz Funnel:

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Esai ArasiProfile Photo

Esai Arasi

Founder of Elysienne and a Gamification Specialist

Esai has over a decade of experience in experiential learning during which she has been researching and perfecting techniques that help people change their behaviour and make that change last. She now uses those same principles to help her
clients turn their followers into clients. She specializes in working with introverted
copywriters who don’t have want to dance on reels. Her EASY content framework helps her create two weeks of high converting social media content from a 30-minute zoom call.