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Feb. 16, 2022

Connection between Sexuality and Business | Interview with Naailah Auladin

#030 - Naailah Auladin speaks on how sexuality impacts our humanness. Because it's taboo, anything rooted in the word "sex" remains a subject that society shies away from. But this type of attitude can carry many consequences. 

Today, Naailah explains how sexuality affects well-roundedness, the struggles of males and females regarding sex, and how conversations about sex help reveal the stereotypes we blindly carry.


·         Sexuality is a big part of human life

·         The connection between sexuality and business

·         A systemized approach to sexuality is not out there

·         Sexual energy needs to be communicated

·         Naailah Auladin – on working with male sexual traumas

After coming out of a 17-year-old abusive relationship, physically, emotionally, and sexually, Naailah found her life purpose by expanding human consciousness through education. "Sex education" is the vehicle Naailah uses to elevate human consciousness because the subject is generally taboo. And because it's taboo, for Naailah, many people are missing out on crucial conversations merely due to the uncomfortability of the topic.


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Naailah AuladinProfile Photo

Naailah Auladin

Founder of Akasha Revival

In an attempt to bring balance to the holistic life pie chart, we could use more awareness and education on our sexuality and its relationship to our emotional and physical well being. I have made it my mission to have those important conversations and bridge the taboo through speeches, workshops and courses that I run regularly and offer to both men and women.