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March 2, 2022

Brainstorming and Masterminding | Why Outsourcing Makes More Money

#032 - Patrick Twitchett discusses piece by piece why efficiency and optimization should be at the core of every business.

Patrick, the founder of CASE MASTERMIND and a firm believer in the saying "you're the average of the five people you spend the most time with," shares in the talk an experience that proves the effect of masterminds on entrepreneurs.

Here, he also explains the difference between to-do lists and calendars, why it's cheaper to let someone do some of your work, and why he's often referred to as the Simplifier.


·         Patrick Twitchett  – on Rich Dad Poor Dad and Think and Grow Rich

·         Why you need to live by "less is more!"

·         How to calculate professional rates

·         Outsourcing can actually make you more money

·         Patrick Twitchett – on a mastermind member repurposing a marketing strategy in real-time

Patrick Twitchett is the founder of CASE MASTERMIND. He helps people optimize their costs and improve their income as "The Simplifier" using a cost consultancy service, Simplies. The name squashes the words simple and supplies together. 

He is speaking regularly on the CASE Broadcast with Melvyn Manning as MēL and PāT, discussing all things business and personal development related. It is released on audio as a podcast or video via YouTube under the CASE Mastermind banner.

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Patrick TwitchettProfile Photo

Patrick Twitchett

Founder of CASE Mastermind

Patrick Twitchett owns Cost Consultancy business named Simplies. After reading Napolean Hill’s book Think And Grow Rich which mentions the Mastermind Principle, Patrick began searching to be part of a Mastermind Group, he then founded his own
called CASE Mastermind and features on the CASE Broadcast. CASE is made up of a body of members who trust in the power of the collective with the motto, “None of us are as smart as all of us.”CASE is like having your own Board of Directors on hand.