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Dec. 8, 2021

Avoid the 7/10 Trap

#020 - Andrew Miller speaks about the #1 element that can easily set any business up for success. Today, in society, everyone's definition of success anchors on how much money a person makes. 

But, for Andrew, if that's your only definition of success, you'll always be in the danger of losing the important things in life. Today, Andrew explains the business enjoyment model, how vulnerability affects the richness of our relationships, what aligns our mind, heart, and gut, and the three things that drive people in life the most.

· No matter how successful — people stress.

· In business, purpose keeps everything in line.

· To look out for others or to look out for yourself?

· The Three Not

· Our journey through business is a journey through self

According to society, Andrew has always been 'successful.' Unfortunately, he was also thoroughly miserable. Andrew has spent the last ten years understanding what it means to truly enjoy life and business. The major shift for him was when he got really clear about his purpose.

Frequently talked about, it's not always that easy to uncover. Usually, because the fundamental elements are not really understood and are, therefore, missed. However, for him, once you know what to look for, it becomes a lot easier.

Andrew is the author of seven books, a qualified accountant, a holder of diplomas in business coaching, life coaching, and psychology, and trained in a number of cutting edge, deep change therapies. Andrew is on a mission to change the way we measure success. To something that's about a lot more than just making money.


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Andrew MillerProfile Photo

Andrew Miller

Founder of Business Enjoyment

My name is Andrew Miller and at Business Enjoyment I work with you to improve your life by identifying what’s stopping you and working out how to solve it. Sales and profits are important to your business’ success, but what’s absolutely critical is that you enjoy what you do. You are your business. Things that affect you at work also affect your home life and vice versa so we need to look at all aspects of your life to get to the root of the problem. At the end of the day, I want you to enjoy your business so much, it makes your ‘bits’ tingle!