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Here is a list of tools and software I use in my podcast, business, and personal life. I do not recommend things that I haven't personally used. Please note some of the links are affiliate links where I make a small commission (for qualified purchases) at no additional cost to you. 

Podcast Hosting


What’s a Podcast without a premium hosting service? Nothing. With Buzzsprout being one of the best Podcast Hosting services out there, your Podcast journey will be smoother and more profitable than ever. 

With an intuitive dashboard and a premium looking Podcast player, you’re bound to hit milestones for your Podcast. The best part? You can monetize your podcast inside Buzzsprout itself. Monetization features include sponsors, promoting affiliates and support links. 

I love how fast their Customer support works. Any issue and they’ll literally revert back within 2–3 minutes. BuzzSprout even displays detailed analytics of your Podcast shows. This includes the location and devices that your listeners are using to access your Podcast content. 

Email Marketing


Do you know where a real transaction takes place? Or where you can make most of your money online? It’s your Email list. Unlike social media platforms, you solely own your email list. Your email leads belong to you. You can provide information, and promote offers or resources of your choice. There’s no hindrance from any algorithm. 

And with a tool like MailerLite with you, building and growing your email list becomes 5x easier and faster. My favourite feature about MailerLite? I love its Drag and Drop builder for creating emails, Newsletters and other content. It’s a super affordable tool with a super intuitive dashboard. You can build landing pages, websites, and email campaigns and even set automation for them, making it hands-free for you. 

Where To Find Podcasters


Podmatch is a SaaS tools that matches Guests with Podcast Hosts for Interviews. Once you create a profile, the automated software of Podmatch will automatically match you with a Podcaster or Guest based on the details you provide. 

Potdmatch has a built-in messaging tool to schedule and book interviews without going through the painstaking process of cold mailing. Need specific hosts or guests? You can use Podmatch’s search tool to find the ones in your niche. 

With an in-built calendar feature, you’ll never need to leave Podmatch. It even encourages guests and hosts to leave reviews for each other post-interview. This helps Podcast hosts with their Apple reviews. 


Looking for a Guest for your Podcast show? or get booked on one yourself? Then, MatchMaker is exactly what you should sign up for. The best part? It’s free. Matchmaker is a collaborative platform for Podcasters. 

You can create a profile, share your stories and expertise and reach a wider audience by collaborating with other Podcasters. Join me and 40,000+ Podcasters on MathcMaker to connect and grow. 


Automating your Guest Podcasting process becomes 10x easier with a tool like PodcastHawk. It helps you automate the entire process with guesting on other Podcasts. 

PodcastHawk does all the heavy lifting for you by finding all interview-based Podcasts for you. Choose your Podcast type and get access to several email pitch templates to personalize your email campaigns. All you’ll need to do is get excited about your upcoming guest appearances. 

Podcast Website Hosting


What if you never had to go through the complexities of building a website from scratch? Well, if that’s you, then you’ll Podpage. I shifted from a WordPress website to Podpage for several reasons. For starters, they have everything in one place and handle the SEO aspect for me. 

Additionally, you can access several templates to help decide how your website would look. In simple terms, Podpage is a website builder for Podcasters. It will help you create custom Pages, auto-publish your Podcast episodes on the website for you, create pop up forms or your Newsletter and let visitors drop their reviews on your website. 


Stats for Podcasters


PodKite is like the Google Analytics for Podcasters. It helps you analyse, monitor, optimize and share your Podcast show with listeners. Keeping a track of your Podcast analytics is exciting, especially when you’re hitting 3-4 figures per episode every week!

With a tool like PodKite, you’ll find where your listeners tune in from, the devices they use, and ratings and reviews they drop for your episodes or Show. 

Graphic Design


An all-in-one designing tool, Canva is my favourite when it comes to creating podcast artwork, ebooks or episode covers. It’s like a one-stop-shop for all your design needs — the best part? it’s super easy to use, intuitive and doesn’t require any designing skills. It’s Canva who makes my Podcast look pretty. 

Although most of Canva’s features are free, you get unique benefits if you opt for one of its paid subscriptions. They include — image background removal and image resize. It even helps you automate content for your social media profiles on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. 

Social Media Tools


If you’re looking to market your Podcast show and grow your online presence, repurposing them for your social media profiles is a great way to go ahead with it. Repurpose will turn your episode into content that fits in with each social media platform out there. 

This saves you plenty of time which would otherwise go into structuring content for separate social platforms. With a few clicks, you’ll have your content distributed everywhere your audience hangs out. 


Just launched your Podcast YouTube channel or having trouble getting views on your Podcast YouTube channel? Then you’ll love signing up for VidIQ. It’s like your YouTube channel growth assistant to help you analyse, track, and boost your video views. 

Additionally, it helps with your video optimizations and competitor analysis. VidIQ’s free Chrome & Firefox extension shows you the current trending videos, a video scoreboard, keyword tool and a live stats bar. Without VidIQ, you might have a hard time understanding the mechanics of growing your Podcast channel on YouTube.  



If you’re a podcaster who often brings Guests to their show, you must give Calendly a try. It’s an app that helps you book and schedule calls and meetings. You can integrate Calendly with Zoom and book calls with your Podcast guests. 

Buy Your Domain


When someone purchases a website, they actually purchase a Hosting service and a Domain name first. Next, they install a Website builder like WordPress and get their website running. 

Namecheap is a domain name provider. In there, you can check for your desired domain names and purchase ones that are not taken. 

Example : (domain name)

Domains on Namecheap usually start at $6–$7 per year. Additionally, I can guarantee that Namecheap’s a trusted brand. I’ve bought over 15 domains for my programs, courses and landing pages — all from NameCheap.

Other Tools


PrettyLinks is a WordPress plugin that shortens and cloaks lengthy links that look ugly. I’ve used Pretty Links in the past to promote affiliate offers and my landing pages. The only requirement? You must have a WordPress website. 


Wouldn’t it feel great to receive vocal responses or reviews from your Podcast listeners? Yep, you guessed it. SpeakPipe is a tool which lets people record voice responses for your Podcast, either from your website or a voicemail page. 

You can include these vocal responses in your episodes, making them feel raw and authentic. 


I recall launching my first Podcast paid Program using Thrivecart. It’s popular for its cart page builder which lets you create customized and organized cart pages for completing the payment process for your Sales Pages.  

If you’re planning to launch a course or a Program, I assure you Thrivecart will make the entire procedure smooth and effortless. Additionally, Thrivecart recently launched its online course feature. This means you can now host your Online Course straight inside Thrivecart itself. 

The best part? It even lets you create customized affiliate links for people interested to promote your program or course. 


Ever wanted to automate and integrate apps to skip the manual process? If it’s a Yes, then you’ll want to check out Zapier. It’s the best automation tool with access to over 4000+ digital tools and software on the Internet. 

As a Podcaster, you can automate the process of booking guests by connecting your form with Calendly. This will add your Podcast guests directly on a Calendly call scheduled on their chosen date. 

I use it to book guests by integrating my Email Service provider with Calendly using Zapier. 


Dream of an app which helps you streamline all your workflow — From making to-do lists to writing drafts for your Episode show notes. A tool will fulfil this dream of yours. 

Slack is a digital godfather when it comes to storing everything under a single shed. It runs on Workspaces and Channels. You can find several public Workplaces on Google and join them to become a part of their community.

 Channels are like pages. From embedding video links to linking podcast episodes, one can always share their work with the other team members. Slack is more of a team-based app and will help one coordinate better with their team members.